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invisibleNET is a research & development driven organization whose main focus is the innovation of intelligent network technology. Our goal is to provide the highest standards in security and privacy on the widely used, yet notoriously insecure Internet.

The invisibleNET team is comprised of a talented group of developers and architects entirely dedicated to providing its users with both convenience and the very best in secure communication.

Our technological ideals are reflected in the implementation of a framework that is solid in design, and transparent in it's application.

Here at invisibleNET we strive towards the greatest level of quality possible by keeping all areas of our research & development open and available to the public for peer review, feedback, suggestions and new ideas.

Contact us at iip@invisiblenet.net
PGP key: 0x05089166

IIP 1.1.0 (stable) is released. (2003-03-10)

Invisible IRC Project is a three-tier, peer distributed network designed to be a secure and private transport medium for high speed, low volume, dynamic content. Features:

  • Perfect Forward Security using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol
  • Constant session key rotation
  • 128 bit Blowfish node-to-node encryption
  • 160 bit Blowfish end-to-end encryption
  • Chaffed traffic to thwart traffic analysis
  • Secure dynamic routing using cryptographically signed namespaces for node identification
  • Node level flood control
  • Seamless use of standard IRC clients
  • Gui interface
  • Peer distributed topology for protecting the identity of users
  • Completely modular in design, all protocols are plug-in capable

The IIP software is released under the GPL license and is available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, *nix/BSD and Mac OSX.

Sport an IIP T-shirt, cap, mug, mousepad, or other items to support the Invisible IRC Project. Your contributions will go toward further research & development for projects like IIP, and any other Open-Source privacy software designed and developed by InvisibleNET.

Monetary donations are also welcome, we accept DMT, e-gold and PayPal.

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