Good News!!! 2004-06-28
IIP has a new home, and is now ready for full distribution by anyone who desires to start their own network. Please check out Metropipe's (not affiliated directly with any owners of InvisibleNet, Secure Science Corp, or IIP) and you can join in and chat. Many thanks to Metropipe and any others who have offered donations and such, InvisibleNet will be striving to continue development on this project, and we are always looking for developers (Primarily ansi C). Continued donations are encouraged so that we can have the resources to further improve IIP. Also heavily encouraged is the ability to start your own IIP network, you can always email and we'll list your iip network. Again, thanks to everyone for needing this project.

IIP 1.1.0 End of Life 2004-05-04
Many apologies to the downtime of the publicly available IIP network - the hardware supporting the end server has been destroyed - and the programming and support for this project has been severely lacking. Secure Science Corporation is in the works of extending it's life, but needs assistance if this project is to stay available to the public. We need support via hardware sponsors as well as developers to continue this project. The existance of the network is more of a hardware issue than a software stability issue - as the software was designed robustly, and has support for SSL big numbers as well as GMP multi-precision math library support. If anyone is interested in continuing this project, including management of this project, as well as developers, please contact and we can start making arrangements. Otherwise this project will be end-of-life until Secure Science Corporation can make the time and resources to devote to it's existance (unfortunately they are taxed at the moment on other projects). Understanding the importance of this projects existance, we hope we will get response soon for support from developers that have the time to devote to keep this project running, and hardware sponsors that will assist in running the end servers securely, and relays that continue to support the anonymity of the network. Thank you all for the support that has been given in the past, and we hope to keep this project alive.

Wiki online 2003-06-20
The Invisible IRC Project has installed a Wiki on A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which allows all users to edit any page or even add their own. Currently the manual is converted to this Wiki, soon translations will be added.

Trent nickname registration changes: HashCash / RealCash 2003-06-11
From today on the procedure for nickname registration with Trent has changed. This feature was heavily abused by bots who did register hundered of nicknames per hour.
Now you need a HashCash or RealCash token to be able to register your nickname. Notice that you don't need to have any HashCash or RealCash yourself, if you already have friends on here, you can ask them for a token. If your friend thinks that you are are worth it, ze will usually generate it for you.
See the Wiki Trent page for more information.

Mac OS 9 port sourcecode 2003-04-10
An AS IS distribution of the Mac OS 9 port of IIP is available, these Stuff-it compressed files contain code based on IIP 1.1-RC3. Download maciip.sit and iipmacproj.sit. Programmers familiar with the Mac OS 9 environment are welcomed to contact to offer their help.

IIP 1.1.0 Stable Release. 2003-03-10
IIP 1.1.0 (stable) is released. In this version the installation for Unix is enhanced, entropy generation is improved and a few bugs are fixed. See the CHANGELOG file for the full list.
Although this is not a mandatory upgrade, you are advised to update anyway. The installation can be done on top of the previous version, but you will have to shut IIP down first to release locked files. Public relays should use the new node.ref, it contains more stable nodes. We hope you enjoy the newest release, and please report bugs and suggestions to, or on the IIP mailing list.

X-Chat /SQUERY fix. 2003-01-22
X-Chat users will have problems with the /SQUERY command, this is because it isn't properly implemented. We did email their developer mailinglist a few times, but without any result. Maybe it helps if you send them a kind request too?
Here is the fix, add this to the commands.conf file in your xchat configuration directory:

CMD /quote SQUERY %2 :&3
Update: X-Chat 2.x does have native /SQUERY support. Logo    CrunchBox    CITYSTATE INC.