The Invisible IRC Project (IIP) was originally created so that people interested in facilitating privacy and free speech could work to these ends in an equally secure and anonymous environment. It has now become a haven for anyone seeking anonymous, encrypted Internet Relay Chat. The project's inspiration arose primarily from a shared interest in the Freenet Project and a desire to provide the real-time communications capabilities that Freenet could not.

This software is provided AS IS without warranty, either expressed or implied. The IIP development team cannot be held responsible for the actions of the users of this software.

This software and document are released under the GPL license. See the file COPYING included with the software.

What Does The IIP Proxy Do?

On 'normal' IRC, which the unwashed masses use, when you type:

/whois JohnDoe

you'll get JohnDoe's unique IP address, eg.


Armed with that knowledge and the details of JohnDoe's connection times it can be possible to identify JohnDoe's real name and other personal details through his Internet Service Provider.

However, if you are using the IIP Proxy connected to an IIP IRC Server,

/whois JohnDoe

will return something like


If you use /whois on anybody else's nicknames it will return the same string, eg.


Your real IP address is invisible. Your footprints are now identical to everybody else's.

IIP features:

  • Perfect Forward Security using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol
  • Constant session key rotation
  • 128 bit Blowfish node-to-node encryption
  • 160 bit Blowfish end-to-end encryption
  • Chaffed traffic to thwart traffic analysis
  • Secure dynamic routing using cryptographically signed namespaces for node identification
  • Node level flood control
  • Seamless use of standard IRC clients
  • Gui interface
  • Peer distributed topology for protecting the identity of users
  • Completely modular in design, all protocols are plug-in capable Logo    CrunchBox    CITYSTATE INC.