IIP RC-3 Release. 2002-12-04
IIP RC-3 is released. This version adds version display, better random number generation and several bugfixes and memory leak patches.
Although this is not a mandatory upgrade, you are advised to update anyway. The installation can be done on top of the previous version, but you will have to shut IIP down first to free the file access. We hope you enjoy the newest release, and please report bugs and suggestions to iip@invisiblenet.net, or on the IIP mailing list.

Article in 'El Pais' 2002-10-30
IIP is mentioned in the well-known spanish newspaper 'El Pais', see their website for the spanish article (english translation provided by Phiberoptika).

Interview with 0x90. 2002-10-03
A new section, Media, is added to this website. The presentation about IIP, that 0x90 did in February 2002 at CodeCon, is there. But even more interesting, you can read an interview with 0x90 done by Distributed City. Due to its size, it is split into two parts; Part 1 and Part 2.

Upgrade process. 2002-09-29
Some additional information about the upgrade; the (old) RC-1 version will keep working for some time next to the new RC-2 version. At some point (probably in about 4 weeks), the old relays will be shut down and you won't be able to connect to IIP unless you use RC-2 (or newer). Windows users: Don't forget to exit IIP RC-1 before installing RC-2.

IIP RC-2 Release. 2002-09-26
IIP RC-2 is finally here. This version adds forward security, a 1536 bit network id, delay on close, version control, and a few other features to follow RC-1.
This is a mandatory upgrade, and all relays will need to make new keys and re-announce to the network. We hope you enjoy the newest release, and please report bugs and suggestions to iip@invisiblenet.net, or on the IIP mailing list.

New look, new software and new conference. 2002-09-24
Along with our new website, IIP RC-2 will be released this week, as well as 0x90 is speaking at Toorcon on P2P security.
RC-2 has new internal security features that contribute to the anonymity and privacy of the network, as well as minor bug fixes. For security reasons, this will be a mandatory upgrade, and relay users will have to upgrade and re-announce to the new network.
Thanks to Ellison for the excellent website design, we appreciate all the work on this, and we're hoping to get his button logo fairly soon. Go to #distributedcity and find him if you would like your site to portray excellent web design and graphics. If you can't find him, contact him at ellison@citystateinc.com. Thanks again Ellison.

IIP RC-1 Released 2002-04-11
RC-1 is out on both sides, note: this is for testing, it's not considered a stable release yet. Go to download section and download away. Also, we finally got our own sourceforge site. 
Another note: this test release is in hopes of building a good size distributed network before stable release, so if you can, please volunteer as a relay to the network, this improves anonymity and security. Thanks.

IIP RC-1 for Win32 Released 2002-04-10
RC-1 (Release Candidate 1) for IIP win32 version is out, and you can get it here, or in download section. Note, if you want to test this and be a relay, please make sure your firewall port is open for connections or you won't successfully get on the network as a contributing relay. Linux/*nix should be released soon as well, we're just finishing up some extra details before we deliver. Note this is a RC-1 not a final version, this is for beta testing, and the docs haven't been completed so please don't expect too much.

File Transfer Over IIP 04/01/02
Ok, chocolate, one of our developers, has designed fileserv.pl tested on XChat, (might work on other irc clients with perl plugin support), and it allows slow but working file transfers over IIP. It's technically better than freenet's split files because at least it allows resuming, and you do get the file. It's for use with private messaging or using your own private channel to exchange files with a group of people, excellent for key exchange and seednode exchange. You can download fileserv.pl in the goodies section of downloads section.
Developer Beta Test 2002-03-19
Developer Beta Testing of IIP 1.1.0 in progress in a couple of days, we should be implementing IIP 1.1.0 to the public by this weekend (hopefully). IIP 1.1 docs should be available shortly.
AIM Through IIP 2002-03-12
AIM through IIP is now possible, just "/msg imserv help" and have fun.
Release of IIP 1.1.0 Delayed 2002-02-26
IIP 1.1.0 will be released shortly, there are some anonymity concerns we ran into, and this will delay it from being released as soon as we like, but we figure it is better to make a secure application, rather than just pushing it out there to be exposed of this problem later.
Talk to IIP 2002-02-26
Just for fun, we have a phone number you can call just to say hello to IIP: 818-663-0089
IIP Presentation at Codecon 2002-02-19
Codecon went well, - here is the mp3 for presentation of IIP. A transcription is available too. IIP 1.1 soon to be released.
Valentine's Day Patch 2002-02-14
Happy Valentine's day. A gift for people is a patched fixed version, if you go to download section, and re-download the code or win32 version, and recompile, it won't crash as a relay like it did before after a couple of days.
Happy Chinese New Year! 2002-02-12
Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Happy Chinese New Year). CodeCon this weekend, IIP is being presented.
IIP Future Plans 2002-02-06
Alright, well, freenet is gaining popularity along with IIP. This is not necessarily a bad thing, mo' peeps, mo' anonymous. There is a lot of upgrades ahead, we're nailing down security, and moving for improvements on User Authentication, including user pub keys, etc. Plus there will be an IIP specific java client available soon, with Instant Messenging, Freenet File sharing integration, and IRC client as well for those IRC'ers. Users, please grab latest node.ref file for optimal anonymity.
IIP v1.1 Update
IIP v1.1 coming shortly, with new features including a 2nd layer of authentication for users
end to end. This release will completely offer end to end security for all, thus not having to
trust relay nodes.
Patch Day 2002-01-10
It's Patch day, time to update. Go get patch.zip in download section. Also all other iip software has been patched in download section, so if you are new... no worries.
IIP Publicized on Infoanarchy 2002-01-09
Well, some dude decided to post us on www.infoanarchy.org and it hit the front page headline. What can ya do. Well thanks anyway.
More IIP Nodes Added 2002-01-08
IIP just got wind of another IIP network setup in the midst, which is progress. More node additions as well. IIP Users: Please grab latest node.ref in Download section.
New Year's Update 2002-01-03
Happy New Year, and IIP is moving into new stages along with the new year. A good number of additions to user node.ref for increased anonymity. In the Download Section is the latest documents about IIP project. This will probably help explain the technology and concepts behind the idea of IIP and it's implementation as a privacy-net.
Patch Fix: There is a memory leak in IIP network pipes that have been patched and will be released today on Frost IIP board. Please update your version, especially relay nodes. The patch will be placed here tomorrow in the download section.

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